What Are We Doing?


Welcome to the Unists blog!

This is the start of something very large in scope. It is a plan, project, discussion, exploration, and formulation of what we want the future of our civilization to look like. That may seem like a daunting mission, but luckily, it all starts specifically with you. By reading this, you are coming ever closer to a reality wherein discovering the purpose for your life, and for society as a whole, will be in your hands.

Have you ever felt uncharacteristically depressed? Anxious? Restless? Have you ever felt like you were in a slump, a rut, a bad week, month, or year? This sounds like an introduction to some kind of medication, or new therapy, right? Even me bringing that realization to your attention may seem like a familiar appeal to see past the initial hesitation you may be feeling when presented with these seemingly sweeping generalizations, yeah?

Nevertheless, ask yourself, honestly, if you ever find yourself feeling an unshakeable sense of defeatism, like giving up is the easiest way to survive, or find yourself stressing out about what appear to be just small issues? Do you get easily frustrated, or feel like an immoveable force is weighing you down… as if you know what you are supposed to be doing, and yet inaction is so second nature that you find it much easier to just sit back and watch…? …Watch TV, if you’re over 50; Netflix if you’re anyone under 50; Youtube if you’re anyone under 30; twitch, you.me, or just snapchat if you’re anyone under 20, and all of the above and/or everything else if you’re somewhere around 10-13 or younger?

This fractionalization is a part of the issue, but as we will explain over the coming weeks, the real problem is much larger than just how we receive or consume media, it manifests itself in all aspects of life.
The reason why such conditions, and the countless proposed remedies therefore, are so extremely and increasingly commonplace to us should tell you something about our society.

Perhaps there is something fundamentally wrong with how we are engaging with each other, with our world and our surroundings, with the societies we find ourselves in, that makes searching for and finding personal happiness, purpose, and fulfillment such an elusive, if not utterly impossible process.

Over the next few weeks, we will explain more about each of the topics we’ve mentioned, and go into detail about which existing philosophies we will draw on and reform, and which modern concepts and philosophies we must reject in order to avoid the mistakes of the past and present.

As ambitious as this may sound, there is honestly nothing keeping humanity from realizing its full potential. What that means is up to us.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can take part in what we are building.

The Unists

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