A Call To Inaction




Lots of people have asked us how to participate in Unism. Besides incorporating our philosophies into your daily life, such as accepting the fundamental rights and humanity of yourself and everyone you love, hate, or couldn’t care about; and acknowledging and understanding the limitations that our current ideologies (and therefore societies) suffer from, we wanted to let you in on a new way to join this movement towards global coexistence that we call Unism.

..Have you ever heard something so incredibly inspiring or motivational – a speech, sermon, video, coaching, or kind word of advice – but, despite its profound or touching qualities, it could not compel you to alter the course of your life, your behaviors, or beliefs? No matter how true, logical, practical, or emotionally appealing the message seems or seemed to be at the time, for “some reason,” you just couldn’t bring yourself to ultimately change your behavior or approach to life?

We have identified disengagement as a pandemic symptom of our modern era’s failings; alienation and dehumanization being key manifestations or outcomes of these failings. This means that the more pressure society puts on you, the individual, in either tangible or intangible ways, the more you willingly relinquish your freedom to actively participate in society. This is as true for the children of Chiraq as it is for the children of Beverly Hills; both are using the same tools and devices of distraction as new and improved “opiates of the masses.” Both are largely uninterested in voting for true change, have no faith in the political system, and see the world as a place where money and social status are the keys to true happiness.

As creatures of habit, by slowly accustoming ourselves to the certain way of life which has evolved around us, we have all been able to disengage ourselves entirely from those processes in life from which one derives a True sense of purpose or personal fulfillment. Processes which connect us to our humanity; processes of trust, respect, mutual benefit, and shared wealth and prosperity.

We are All disconnected from these processes to varying degrees – some processes more identifiably than others. But just by recognizing these as specific problems we hope to fix, we can begin to take the necessary steps towards remedying the otherwise seemingly unsolvable plight of our human condition.

So we’re making it easier than ever to align yourself with Unism’s mission for total global peace, beginning with recognizing, pursuing and achieving true purpose and fulfillment as an individual:

Do Nothing.

Do nothing! Nothing. No attendance, admittance, sign up, log in, up-front fee, down-back fee or cost of Any kind! You don’t have to offer your personal information, you don’t have to install any apps or fill out any applications! In fact, you may already be involved with many of the “nothings” we hope to do!

Unism, as a practice, incorporates this unique approach to involvement through our “Calls To Inaction.” A Call To Inaction is a daily, weekly, or monthly synchronized period of abstinence or avoidance of certain products, services, or activities. By consciously or unconsciously, actively or passively refraining from purchasing specific items, shopping or eating at specific locations, or attending certain events and activities, Unism is harnessing the unlimited yet otherwise wholly dormant potential of modern Disengagement, Lethargy, and Apathy to work For us, not Against us.

How it works is easy: through our blog, twitter, and podcasts we will set up a calendar of Calls to Inaction. On these days, you participate by simply not spending any time, energy, or money on the specified items or businesses.

For example, The Unisit Call To Inaction #1:

Every Friday, we are avoiding all fast food.

Like many of us, perhaps you already avoid fast food in general. Maybe you are a vegan, vegetarian, or simply health-conscious and/or self controlling enough to know how ill-conceived, unethically sourced, and nutritionally toxic fast food is by its very nature. But who in California hasn’t craved an In-N-Out burger or animal-fries at some point? Knowing how harmful a fast food diet is doesn’t necessarily make it easy to refuse its constant availability, its competitively low prices, and its overall convenience. Maybe you find yourself rationalizing your fast food consumption, or finding excuses for why you visit Taco Bell after a hard days work.

Luckily, there is strength in numbers, and we are taking things one step at a time. By aligning ourselves with this simple mission of concerted avoidance, we can make an impact on the overall trends and sales for specific industries.

As mentioned, maybe you’re ahead of the game and don’t eat fast food at all. That’s great, you are still contributing to our Call to Inaction! Otherwise, maybe you’ve considered changing your diet, or have become aware of the horrific conditions in which animals are born, raised, and killed in order to make a McChicken cost a disturbing $0.99 (Believe me, we are paying Much More than 99 cents; the rest is paid by our malnourished bodies and brains). Either way, for At Least one day a week (every Friday), we will not buy anything from any fast food restaurant.

The next step is to share this with the people around you in real life; get your friends to join you by explaining how simple it is to add this small bit of structure and intentionality to your routine, by merely Doing Nothing! Explain how, with enough support, we will be begin to see the entire fast food economy peak and valley around our self-imposed deficit.

Once you’ve shared it with the friends and family around you, those who populate the life you live, share it on your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As detrimental as social media obsession can be to a fulfilling life, we must find constructive ways to utilize it for our cause. Use the hashtags #CalltoInaction, #Unism, and #Unist to let others know you are becoming a part of this small step towards revolutionizing our societies, and our world in general.

In doing so, you will become aware of the power that One Person holds, the power that One Dollar holds, and how combining these two in record numbers will begin to affect True Change in our world, simply by removing them from the system in small ways.

It may seem like a small step, and this is intentionally so. But every step forward is a step worth taking. We will be there with you the entire way – not for the attention or publicity, not for any semblance of power or prestige, but for the opportunity to unearth the true humanity which lies dormant under the surface of each of our consumerist, zombie-like bodies in our modern age. Make no mistake, the problems we face are unlike those of any previous era. But we are more qualified to deal with them than any previous generation. We only have to recognize this and utilize our strength. We will accomplish this through uniting. We will accomplish this through Unism.

Let us know how you’re involved on twitter @TheUnists


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