“Check Your Privilege?”


Unism begins with accepting the fundamental dignity and humanity of Yourself. You, as a human being, alive and reading this, exist in a world ruled by societies whose ideologies and societal processes inherently dehumanize you. Some people can avoid the realizations and/or effects of this dehumanization and alienation much longer than others, usually dependent on their level of comfort within their society – comfort derived from their economic, cultural, racial, and/or gender identity, in relation to the prevailing or dominant (in population and/or influence) societal identity/identities (for example, Poles in Poland, the French in France, whites in America, Han Chinese in the People’s Republic of China, males in most countries, and rich persons globally.)

Yet unlike the intent of the “check your privilege” culture, do not be put off or ashamed here by any perceived implication of intrinsic or extrinsic worth associated with majority classes – there is nothing inherently wrong with a person born into a majority or “privileged” class. And even despite some of our own personal prejudices towards flagrantly wealthy persons  – people such as Donald Trump, Martin Shkreli, or anyone on reality TV shows with “Real” in the title – any and all judgments should be reserved for their actions, morals, and character, and not based on their unchosen heritage, skin color, and upbringing. We must remember that Any conception of unity which aims to redress the inequalities of society without involving All persons will be destined to fail as forever divisive and shortsighted.


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