The 2016 Election

When faced with such a terrifyingly polarizing and undeniably frightening election as we are in 2016, Unism stands as an ideological alternative to the two major parties.

Donald Trump piggy-backing onto the Conservative party should deceive no one – however you feel about the promises he has made, or the issues that he is, “not afraid to talk about,” as most of his supporters seem to phrase it, it should be wholly transparent that Trump is acting solely out of self-interest, and has connected himself to the GOP only to fish votes from the vast pool of Americans upset at or disillusioned by Barak Obama, his presidency, and/or the values they ascribe to him. If this is not enough evidence to question his ability or qualifications to hold the highest public office in America, an office defined by its emphasis on selfless service to one’s nation and not one’s self, then I do not know what is. And this is completely disregarding what most have agreed are grossly inflammatory politics and beliefs about multiple minority groups.

Hillary Clinton is not much better. For someone who casts herself as an “outsider,” and a breath of fresh air solely on her gender, despite having already resided in the White House for 8 years as First Lady, she is clearly so astronomically out of touch with the general population it is frightening. Without going on and on about our impressions of Mrs. Clinton, here are two widely available recordings that sum up her reputation for pandering and duplicity: Hot Sauce and 13 Straight Minutes. Despite how much you may despise Donald Trump, do not let this blind you to the reality of Mrs. Clinton’s outright dedication to manipulation. When we start compromising our values by showing support for the sake of “the lesser of two evils,” we damn ourselves to further and forever pursue such a trajectory which .

What will be the result? Who would be best for our country? At face value, Hillary would clearly be preferable to Trump, based on his fear-mongering and being the poster-child for the “1%” and crony-capitalism. Yet the more you learn about Clinton and her complete lack of shame in persistently attempting to deceive the entire nation, not only misrepresenting herself, but outright lying to America, in an effort to further her own political career, wealth, and self-interests, the more you come to realize that whoever is elected, the corruption and misdirection are only beginning to swell.

Unism has had enough with this illusion of “freedom” we are told we are allowed to enjoy, in our so-called Democracy. The systems we have inherited are all the remnants of autocratic Monarchies, each century slowly shaking off the untenable constraints of the last, one tiny step towards true self-determination and equality at a time. Let us continue to do so, through progress towards total freedom, a specter which truly terrifies the elites of all nations.

While transformation of our societies worldwide is our ultimate goal, let us begin by holding our nations accountable to what they allege to already be: let us shape our nation into something that Truly gives us an important voice in the course of our countries.

By voicing your disapproval with both Republican and Democratic politics and constrained mindsets, you are helping to prepare the stage for a worldview which sees beyond the incredible limitations of our two-party system. Both Dem’s and Rep’s are forever doomed to bicker and oppose each other by nature – for this reason and many others, we are in dire need of an ideology which sees far beyond both of them:


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