Unism Podcast // Episode 1: The Election

Listen to/Watch the first episode of the Unism Podcast!

In this very first episode of the Unism podcast, we hear about the 2016 Presidential election, the current political landscape, and how Unism transcends it – Not through some new age hippie rhetoric, but through a fundamental, universal code: do to others what you would have done to you. From this starting point, the hosts lay out the implications of this foundational principle, and how it can be used to steer the course of humankind towards total global and inner peace.

We also talk about something we have termed, ‘The Commodification of Victimization’:

“We know that there’s nothing more demeaning than being championed as some sort of vulnerable minority that needs to be protected. […] People love to see the underdog win.. But there’s nothing ‘underdog’ about someone who is crying wolf [Ed. note: not minorities themselves, but the so-called ‘SJW’ alarmist shame-mongers]. And the people who take outrage, and make victimhood something to be sought after, with all the attention and the prestige and the liberal accolades that are bestowed upon people when they stand up against X, Y, and Z ; What we are really talking about are the side effects of Liberal Guilt.” [28 minutes]

Questions? Comments? Leave your responses in the comment section, or email unismpodcast@gmail.com

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