Are SJWs Open-Minded?


A big part of the early stages of achieving Unism’s goals is opening an honest dialogue about the prevailing ideologies that govern our perceptions: who holds power in our societies? Who should hold power? Do we shape technology, or does technology shape us, and to what extent do we hold onto any power in either instance? What keeps us from or helps us to establish/recognize our personal purpose in life, and to pursue that purpose? Questions like these require an honest, unguarded, open-minded appraisal of ourselves and our surroundings. They do not require a polarized, inflammatory intellectual bullying at the hands of anti-Social Justice Warriors, much less from Social Justice Warriors themselves.

Keeping an open mind is most commonly perceived of in the sense of “opening up;” being tolerant of others and accepting a diverse array of eclectic ideas. Yet this understanding merely casts a wider net over the specific ideas and perspectives which an individual chooses to define as the “right answers,” or “right ways of life.” According to this widely held conception of the term, a “closed minded” person disagrees with issues like feminism or gay marriage, while an “open minded” person agrees with it. But, at face value, this is hardly “open” in any sense: Both are firmly set in their ways and derive a sense of moral superiority in opposition to the other, depending on the values and moral high ground each chooses to see themselves inhabiting.

A better understanding of the “open” in “being open-minded” is offered by the metaphor of the mind being like a cup – those with enough room for new ideas, alternative ways of life, and innovative approaches to the status quo, have a cup that is truly “open,” open to opinions and lifestyles counter to their own. Not mere “tolerance,” but empathy. 

Conversely, full to the brim with their own ideas of what tolerance and intolerance are, who should be valued and who should not, the SJW straw-man (in this instance) is anything but open-minded.  It is this type of attitude – equally unshakeable in its dogma and devotion to one’s ideas as religious fundamentalists are – that is truly at odds with a Unist future, or with any future that values free speech, modesty, and balanced discourse.

Because the only thing worse than someone who believes they have all the answers, is someone who believes they have all the answers and paradoxically asserts that they are in fact, “open-minded.”

Another term that greatly highlights this disconnect between how people belonging to the Social Justice movement see themselves and how they treat others, is found in the suffix “-splaining.”

“Assuming that some people would be better off keeping their thoughts to themselves, is, among other things, Prejudice.”

“Hey, nothing wrong with wanting to discourage someone from thinking they know more about something than everyone else, but wouldn’t assuming that They know less be equally unethical?”

The message is clear: “If you are not being marginalized, don’t speak: just listen.”

“Marginalizing people in the name of marginalized people does not make it any less hypocritical. Nor does it make it any less condescending.” – Counter Arguments.

To reduce someone to their mere gender, to judge someone not as a person on their merit of their character and actions, but as a body, to be defended or vilified depending on their relation to hegemony, regardless of their individual humanity and personality, would seem to fundamentally go against the perceived ideals of Social Justice movements… and yet this reduction takes place, either in the context of gender, sexuality, or race, in nearly Every observable interaction between SJW’s and the public.

We’re done with this. For the longest time, Liberalism was seen as an evolution from Conservatism – and for the last 200 odd-years, that is where the evolution ended. Smugly looking down upon Conservatives from atop the mountains of Academia, Liberals were themselves as self-obsessed and un-empathetic as they accused the Right of being. Those able to escape the echo chamber that is modern Liberal Universities would find themselves descending that mountain later in life, when enough age and what passes as “wisdom” (i.e. corporate brainwashing, moral compromise) swayed them back to the Right, as the only motion able to take place was a return to Conservatism, or to settle somewhere in the middle.

Now we are presented with a new evolution, and the opportunity to actually reshape our world, beyond the confines of the left-right political spectrum: a terribly inadequate model unable to cope with the intricacies of our modern interconnected world. By rejecting to play the game by the rules set down by the monolith of history and those who currently profit from it, we will be able to radically transform our societies, with the support of the truly Open-Minded people on the SJW and Anti-SJW side of the fence, in addition to everyone in between.

Join Us in finally uniting our nation, join us in uniting the World.

Join Unism.

See you in the circle…




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