When Exploitation is Sold as Empowerment: Immigration & the DNC

Unism faces many issues in its efforts to catalyze a comprehensive societal transformation (“reboot”) along the lines of an OS update able to synchronize, bring up-to-date, redefine and reaffirm our (civic, societal, personal, and interpersonal) intentions, expectations, obligations, parameters for existence and relations to others, both as purpose-driven, autonomously self-actualizing individuals, AND as interdependent, necessary components who have come to form and function within a globally-aware yet primarily locally-focused collective.

With this goal in mind, one such issue Unism seeks to end is the rampant exploitation of illegal immigrants – initially in America, but eventually worldwide – by simplifying, regulating, and unifying the immigration and/or naturalization process, and revitalizing guest worker programs if deemed socially and economically necessary (for example: related to seasonal/agriculturally dependent jobs, or in circumstances where involuntary unemployment in the destination country (USA, in this case) has been reduced to near nonexistence).

In one of the most bizarre yet effectively implemented examples of political misrepresentation and the communal Stockholm syndrome of a minority underclass AND upperclass, the Democrats have become the go-to party for undocumented immigrants to support- Not necessarily for what they offer (nor for their vague, patronizing campaign promises), but by default, or the process of elimination: as the Democrats’ single political competitors/contenders, the Republican party, have become inextricably associated with anti-immigration sentiments and xenophobia. Here we have a tragic example of the

By making it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in America illegally, Democrats knowingly support the cycle of outright exploitation these immigrants suffer under, purely for the political support that it wins them in one of the most egregious examples of the political class/political elite effectively weaponizing a captive audience. And by making the entire debate of immigration itself toxic with immediate allegations of racism/xenophobia to any non-endorsed opinion or perspective, Democrats have become happily complicit in the perpetual enslavement of our illegal guest immigrants, all for retaining the political power they are awarded for “protecting” these hardworking, exploited people’s “rights” as a captive audience, knowing that minority communities will never support traditional conservative candidates or causes, en masse.

Worse yet – not only for America and all of the home-countries from which immigrants to America originate, but as well for any prospect of an internationally unified world – temporary workers have and will always continue to send most if not entirely all of their (essentially non-taxable and forever unaccountable) funds to their home countries. While in most every individual case their intentions are noble and their recipients are well-deserving family members, it is when their efforts are viewed collectively that we can see the egregious, inescapable impact: that these workers represent an unholy life-support system for the exact governments and communities which they fled from! Which were evidently unable to provide their citizenry with employment, livable wages, little (if any) prospect of economic growth or cultural renaissance, nor, in some cases, any semblance of physical security or ancestral or progenitive continuity at all.

These countries are almost invariably wracked with debilitatingly pervasive corruption, mismanagement, un-sustainability, and untenable WorldBank or IMF loans or assistances. Those who can stand to align themselves with their native-born or imported exploiters stand to profit, and those who might oppose them are usually punished if not executed; Thus, get out and go somewhere else. And while this might tempt one to think this exodus stands a chance at depleting the population resources of any community, MUCH less any entire country, the truth is far more depressing.

( To Be Soon Continued in Part Two )

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