Podcast Episode 1, Feat. Last Born in the Wilderness

Here is our “special edition” rerelease of our very first podcast episode! Featuring special guest Patrick Farnsworth from the exquisite podcast Last Born in the Wilderness!

He’s truly an amazing truth seeker, thinker, interviewer, host and guest, and he helped us highlight some of the inextricable hypocrisies involved in casting political enemies as fascists, overt and covert racists, and other stigmatized and thought-crime-associated attitudes and ideas, especially noticeable when attacking the field of scientific pursuits and those (supposedly, if and when one awards good faith) working on objective research.

Essentially, we reveal some of the base projections of the Left, as they disclose their own racial ideologies and implicit racist hierarchies, which they then foist upon and accuse of their enemies. Not that the spectre of fascism today does not exist (albeit in minuscule, ridiculed doses), but as we have shown and will show in future works, fascism is a leftist machination, not a conservative or right-wing development.

Enjoy the show, leave a comment for us on YouTube, tweet us @TheUnists, and as always we will see you in the circle!

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