Watch Episode 2 of the Unists Podcast!

Think your job won’t be affected by the dawn of Artificial Intelligence? Think Again! Listen to Unism member Nick’s newest episode of “The Unists” Podcast, now available on YouTube!

Nick sat down with two left-leaning, socialist individuals who reached out to The Unists, and they discussed AI through the lens of a YouTube video which came to our attention through being heavily promoted as a pre-roll ad on YouTube itself, so much so that it was able to reach 1 million views..

The video is very much of interest, as its existence seems to indicate that there is a group of people or corporations very adamant that we accept the advancement and implementation of AI, lest we be branded spoilsports or find ourselves on the “wrong side of history.” As you’ll see in the podcast, the video in question goes to great lengths to shape a discussion it “hopes people are having,” on AI in such an overtly positive and arguably misleading manner, with such extremely soft attempts at ‘balance’ that the video, regardless of one’s thoughts on the subject matter itself, should set off alarm bells for anyone familiar with common tactics of propaganda and rhetoric.

The podcast episode goes on to address Marxism, Utopianism, and an episode of Fredrick Knudsen’s Down The Rabbit Hole dealing with the Mouse Utopia Experiments.

Check it out, and as always, we’ll see you in the circle!


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