Socialism Could Never Work (?)

On this quick clip of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Peter Schiff, an economist, explains his position on why socialism is such a pervasive ideology, in spite of its constant failures.

Unism rejects the political and economic implications and applications of socialism as well, yet understands the appeal perhaps more than most.. You need not be ashamed or defensive if you consider yourself a socialist either currently or in your past.. what is most important, and completely in your hands, is if you’ll consider yourself a socialist in your future. This is a must-see clip for anyone who has defended or advocated socialist policies or programs within their own country or in other countries. And yes, make no mistake, fascism, as well as Nazism specifically, are both socialist forms of government in essence, ideology, practice and principles.

There are surely caveats and sparse yet impactful benefits to (at least some of, or, in the very least, one of) the Socialist systems he is deriding. Specifically, one member of the Unists who lives in Sweden has seen two of his own children saved from guaranteed deaths by two different series of intensive medical procedures which otherwise would have never, ever been possible without state-funded, fully covered socialized medicine: surely not possible financially, but worse still, perhaps not even circumstantially as an offer – as the reality of an assured financial ruination often dictates the parameters of what procedures are even Offered to a family when dealing with a for-profit medical industry.. There’s no point saving a life, if the family can’t ever come close to paying the enormous resulting bill.. But make no mistake: this impactful, invaluable, life-saving benefit was not the result or gift of pure socialism, but of Sweden’s continual oscillation between capitalist gains and socialist drains.

Overall, Schiff’s conclusion that, “Socialism does not generate wealth. Capitalism creates the wealth that Socialism wants to redistribute,” is a universally accurate description. Marx himself would not nor could not dispute this fact.

Not only that, but Peter Schiff may as well count himself a Unist for his incredible ideas on tolerance! Tolerating intolerance has long been a central point of Unist Ideology and understanding, as has been our approach of tolerating (not accepting, embracing, or promoting, but tolerating) racist and bigoted opinions. The only way to overcome these ideas is to encourage and support those who hold them to reevaluate their perceptions or experiences and change their own mind of their own accord! By treating intolerance with more intolerance, vilification, and ostracization, we drive those people and their ideas underground, where they ferment and become hardened not just against their targets, but the wider world and the mainstream society which banished or humiliated them, and they become even more radicalized and insidious. Love and tolerance can defeat bigotry and intolerance. Hatred only breeds more intolerance, and fuels the fires of sectarianism, segregation, balkanization, and all other enemies of unity and individual agency & freedom.

While we disagree with Peter’s dream of raising the voting age, his concerns do reflect the fundamental issues of underdevelopment, infantilism, immaturity, and stagnation which malign recent generations. Yet these manifestations more so indicate the failings of past generations to equip and rear their kin, and the problems inherent to the technological, industrial systems which have risen up and coddled us by design. Nevertheless, the video is a great watch, and should be shared with anyone who could use it!

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2 thoughts on “Socialism Could Never Work (?)

  1. Wow! You’re extremely articulate. You’ve essentially said how I try to communicate with my friends left of center that tell me, in ironically, I’m coddling the racist and bigots. I would really love to have a few conversation with you all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jerry! You’re too kind. I think you may have contacted us as well through YouTube, but in any event, we’re always happy to talk – Best wishes, Nick


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