Watch Episode 3 of the Unists Podcast!

Episode 3 of The Unists podcast is up and running on YouTube as we speak!

In this episode, Nick sits down with Rachel again to FINALLY, for the first time in video and podcast forms, discuss what the hell Unism is!!

While regular visitors to our site, events or meetings can enjoy this episode as well, this was meant specifically to serve as a video resource for those unfamiliar with our blog and our ideology as it has been outlined on this website. As such, it hopes to stand as an introduction, somewhat in long form, meant to bring new people up to speed and give them an idea of what Unism’s values, principles, and fundamental aims are as a group, and as an ideology.

This podcast clocks in just seconds or so over an hour, so you can listen while you work, but it’s worth keeping both eyes on as a video production as well, as it has been masterfully edited with some enjoyable comedic visualisations, subversive comic timing, and general goofy appeal.

We recommend it to anyone just checking us out, interested in our group, or just curious about what we’re up to and how it works.

Enjoy the episode and as always will see you in the circle!

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