AUDIOBOOK: Industrial Society & Its Future

In 1995, an essay was written and released under the authorship of FC, “Freedom Club.” The essay, Industrial Society & its Future, described the contemporary societal dynamics and social atmosphere, as well as prophetically prognosticating about the future of the industrial-technological societies in which we live.

The circumstances and context of the essay are so mired in deserved controversy and conflict that a dedicated video & discussion will be made to cover it all. But in lieu of this, and more prescient to Unism as a groundwork for communal unity, is the content and subject of the essay itself.

Therefore, it is with pride and excitement that we introduce you to our ongoing audiobook of the essay!

Nick, the captain of The Unists podcast and Unism YouTube channel, has so far posted two-thirds of the Industrial Society & its Future audiobook (UPDATE: Part 3 is up!), as well as a special excerpt from the essay, the section, “The Danger of Leftism.”

Listen along, and stay tuned for the final audiobook segment!

UPDATE: Part 3 is up, enjoy the audiobook in full!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Special Excerpt: “The Danger of Leftism”

See you in the circle,

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