New Meeting! Thurs 5pm in Venice Beach

Has technology and modern life driven you to feelings of isolation, discontentment, or powerlessnes, or at a loss for words at the existential dread that has all but consumed you??

Interested in talking about these issues, grounded in practical philosophy and reason, and discuss the experiences and trials of confronting the human spirit?

For one hour every Thursday, we hold an open, small group share-meeting that focuses on Socratic conceptions of the soul, and addresses the individual and global issues of ‘Spiritual Malady’ without any of the New Age mysticism or traditional religious flavorings can that often overpower the subject.

You might think, “That sounds Too Pretentious to be true!”

But IT IS!!
..I mean.. it’s Not!

But the meeting Exists!

SOUL DOUBT meets inside the VRC building at the Westminster Park (1234 Pacific Ave. Venice, CA 90291) every Thursday night from about 5:00pm to 6:15pm!

It is open to all humans, and is not sponsored by or affiliated with any religion, denomination, church, facility, government shadow group, or any illegal redpill / bluepill / blackpill dispensaries!

Show up late or come early!

Free Parking at the Park itself, as well as street parking on adjacent blocks!

Feel free to message us any questions, concerns, or for any further details (open twitter DM’s @theUnists), and we look forward to seeing you in the circle!


Thursdays, 5:00pm-6:15pm

1234 Pacific Ave, Venice 90291

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