The First Unism Periodical


Unism Issue 01 | Time 

(It’s not a race! Don’t scroll through it rabidly with a hyperactive lust! Drink it in slowly, enjoy each page meditatively)

Welcome to the very first issue of the Unism Periodical – our e-zine, that is, an electronic magazine, a compilation of written and visual contributions from The Unists and friends, edited by Nick.

I hope it is but the first of many issues to come. We approached the idea of a periodical journal/magazine with two central goals:

  1. To assemble a collection of moods, ideas, and concepts which can stand as a reference point of sorts for the community at large, and
  2. To provide an outlet for those in the group who would benefit from engaging in the creative process (a distinguished relative of the power process).

We’ve solicited submissions from across the community, and they have not disappointed. Going forward, I hope that, as contributors gain a greater sense of self-expression, and seize the mediums at their disposal, there will be a minor inner-renaissance, which will see each of us take part in that magical phenomenon whereby something becomes greater than the sum of its parts. 

Table Of Discontent

Page 06 – Let’s Take A Walk | Big Tuna

Page 08 – Quote from this

Page 10 – What’s Done Is Done Anon

Page 11 – Loot The Future cool man 𓀡 @dickpillcyborg7  

Page 137 Steps of Reason The Unists

Page 15 – The Relentless Power of Time | Mason

Page 18 – The Past Will Soon Consume Us All |Anon

Page 28 – St. Augustine of Hippo On Time | Wikipedia

Page 29 – Heidegger On Time | Wikipedia

Page 30 – NEXT ISSUE: Direction  | feat. Max Danger


We’ll be accepting submission for the next issue, Directionsoon!

Contact us on twitter or instagram @theUnists

Email us at

And as always,

We will see you

In The Circle.

One thought on “The First Unism Periodical

  1. Dear Boss,
    I have just finished my contribution to the next issue of your magnificent zine concerning “Direction”. May I submit it via e-mail? If so I can also send it easily to my psychiatrist. She’s cute and I want to get lucky.
    Please advise. Thank You For Thinking.
    Irving God

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