What do we mean by “աօʀʟɖ քɛǟƈɛ”???


A recent comment from a viewer of our video…

7 Steps of Reason ❍︎ 𝓤𝓷𝓲𝓼𝓶

…which details Unism’s “7 Steps of Reason for Unification & Understanding,” a list of reasonings and assertions which ends with the stated goal of “Total World (/Global) Peace,” reads thusly:

“Interesting ideas. My only hesitation is the object of world peace. From my perspective, evil will always exist, (must always exist?) not least in our own souls. Besides, what does world peace mean? That no nations will engage in kinetic warfare? That no nations will enage in any opposition? That there will be no strife within any nation? No robberies, no killings, no assault, no cheating? This cannot be a reasonable aim. And neither should the absence of international warfare be an aim, imo. Instead, imo individuals should focus on – as you say – producing as much as possible while consuming as little as possible. It is a minor hesitation on my part, but nevertheless I feel an important one.”

In my (Nick’s) reply, which highlights and somewhat summarizes (in truncated form) the long and winding road which took Unism from its humblest, naïvest origins back in late 2015, to its current, still mildly amorphous, yet far more solidified present incarnation, reads as such:

“I agree – the goal of ‘world peace’ was a somewhat ill-defined and largely platitudinal aspiration.

To shed a little more light, at the start of Unism in late 2015, the founders were essentially all classical or neoliberal college students, predominantly left-wing and blandly optimistic – as the pursuit of truth awoke us to the limitations of our ideological origins, we re-oriented ourselves with different goals, although the pursuit of ‘world peace’ does still to some extent encompass or express an aspect of our intent – that is, the vision of a world which is cooperative and draws on ingenuity rather than conquest; relies on resourcefulness and a zero waste approach to growth, a world that is not compulsively driven to expand outwardly, but inwardly.

But you definitely raise a great point, world peace does not mean eradicating the evil in the Other, but instead eradicating the evil in oneself. So long as there are people, there will be evil.

We start from the presumption that mankind is inherently flawed, inherently wanting, and inherently predisposed towards self-serving shortcuts (evil, or “sin” in religious terms). As opposed to the liberal who supposes man’s inherent enlightenment and goodness, and manifests a world of degeneracy and self-destruction, sowing the seeds of his own weakness and demise, we take the opposing perspective, and with it, hope to establish a world of restraint, introspection, and spiritual expansion. Perhaps the world of peace, in this sense, would not be the physical earth itself, but the spiritual world we would develop and terraform through our attentions and efforts.

Thanks for watching, stay blessed up.


The future of Unism is largely in the hands of those who will come to follow it, as much as it is in the hands of those who follow it presently.

As we grow, both outwards and inwardly; continually reexamining our status, recalibrating our search for truth, we are hopeful.

We remain steadfast in our understanding that there are such things as Good and Bad ways to live, love, and come together, and we will continually renew our commitment to organizing our lives, hearts, souls, minds, and cooperative efforts around those ways which are Good, do make us better persons for striving for them, and reward us – not instantly, perhaps not even visibly; but in ways that shape the person we know ourselves to be, and at that time when such rewards are due.

And, as always, we will see you in the circle.

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