A Viewer’s View: ISAIF in 2020

Over on YouTube, the “Industrial Society and its Future” Summary video we made is one of our most popular videos – but so much has changed in the past year (2020) – where do things stand now? User Thundy wrote us this incredible comment on Monday, November 23rd, 10:13 PM (PST), and it deserves our spotlight / attention:

“In 2020, we saw the first great test to the first scenario outlined.

1.) A massive, heavily populated world where the super-elite control the masses through media and technology, and the majority of the population live peaceful, but indolent (meaning lazy, unproductive and unfulfilling) lives. Most people do not have a job, and everything they need is provided from the state. This is the essay’s best-case scenario.

Our Summary Article on ISAIF

A handful of wealthy politicians and the media (which is controlled by a handful of billionaires in various countries) managed to convince altogether hundreds of millions of individuals to stay at home and get a check from the government.

Fear was used and propagated; we heard numbers of a significant portion of the population could be dead by the end of the year – what we really got was an incredibly small percentage of people who were infected actually dying, comparable to the rate of an average flu, albeit slightly higher.

When nearly 10 million people die yearly of cancer, the eyes of those elites in charge look the other way, their wallets thoroughly padded by the corporations which allow carcinogens in large portions to the average citizen’s lifestyle (cheap booze, cigs, fast food and microwaveable foods) while pretending that cancer is not something that can be prevented.

They do not CARE, even if superficially on the surface: the government may run anti-smoking ads and discuss the dangers of drinking booze. They allow the sale of these psychoactive drugs (and not others) despite their relative harm because of how profitable it is for them, and because of the malcontent that would be generated.

While Ted was a genius, this is the reason why his ideas won’t stick without major manipulation of the Systems themselves.

We have a directed sense of awareness and what we’re directed towards are things that disrupt our critical thinking and attention span. We are told what to believe and what to think largely by these elites (through the mediums and technologies they control and manipulate). You only need to take a look at the US presidential election of 2020 for further evidence of this: when looking at any political message by politicians that discusses fraud, you are given a little message by the elites that THEY know “the truth,” and that it is without a doubt “correct.”

You are then linked to something that is objectively wrong, which you can disprove within minutes, i.e, the claim that there are statistically no cases of voter fraud. A simple look into the Heritage Foundation’s website and you can find hundreds of cases of individual people sending in dozens and even hundreds of ballots each election cycle.

The average person’s critical thinking is systematically robbed from them through algorithms; there is only one way to counteract this, and it’s something Ted knew very well himself. You need to intervene into the average person’s social programming and give a convincing case of your own view of the world.

One non-violent way to do this is through the manipulation of social media’s algorithms. There is a reason why your videos are not recommended; it doesn’t meet certain criteria that the System demands. With a certain amount of likes, comments and retention (which can all be bot’ed, mind you) your videos would become recommended and the ideas would start to seep in.

Tags are also very important, if you only use tags relevant to the subject material involved in this video, you will get very few new people involved. Good luck.”

Thanks again Thundy, incredible insight and advice.

We hope to see you in the circle someday soon!


Watch the video this comment was left on here:

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