Voluntary Self-Erasure

On our video “The System’s Neatest Trick,” YouTube champion Worldview Warfare asked us 1 week ago:

“Why do you think the system imported so many foreigners if it likes a cohesive/stable populous?”

Worldview Warfare

This was my response:

Because cheap menial (non-automated) labor and non-negative child birth rates are Far more important to assuring that profits are up from last quarter than any consideration for what it does to a population when it rapidly shift all of its demographics..

That’s my thought, at least.

This question was answered (for me) long ago –

I was in Western Europe over 10 years ago when the idea of declining birthrates was so profoundly obvious that social campaigns (some grassroots/cultural and some state sponsored) in Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Denmark (and perhaps other countries as well) attempted to inspire their young citizens to have children.

Little trinkets, t-shirts and such, stating: “I want 2,” “Three for me,” “Let’s have four” –

I was witnessing the multinational realization and macro-reckoning of The Death of Europe.

I was witnessing the multinational realization and macro-reckoning of The Death of Europe.

It was not long after that, that the “Migrant Crisis” “offered” itself to Europe, and those countries which had been most affected by the Enlightenment, Imperialism, and (more obviously/apparently) Technology and Progressivism, were those most eager to embrace their voluntary self-erasure from this earth:

Germany, Sweden, UK, & France.

The latter two would grapple with and reconsider this course soon enough.

The former two cannot be saved

(i.e, they are entirely unwilling to save themselves).

America had already gone through many of these formative demographic shift-phases by the end of the 1800’s, essentially all of them purely economically motivated as described above (à la the Migrant Crisis), so in most ways it doesn’t bother me at all to see “America change”..

It’s a complete cliché (and True Blue Bloods hate this, sorry guys) but the America of 1776 and the America we perceive today (surely two entirely different countries) was (immediately in its time, as well as gradually up to this point now) built by immigrants. Again, maybe that’s cringe to say, but it’s true.

The question is really just “who was here first” (i.e. who got here before whichever guys you happen to hate) but unfortunately, in the case of the Americas (North America, including Mexico, Central and South America as well), we know who was actually here first, and what we had to do to become “the new first” (wholesale slaughter, guns, germs, steel, etc etc etc you know the reality/guilt trip).

So yeah, idk about you, but I’m no Pharaoh’s Son – my family line is a mix of a number of different mutts. I have no delusions of any concept of “purity” in a race/genetic sense, that seems to only ever be as real as the person most willing to believe in it wants it to be.

But cultural competencies and normative values do seem to have some considerable impact on how different groups (or individuals) are or are not more easily suited to cohabitate without immediate grievance or friction.

And it seems that, the more we pretend that this is not or never could be the case, the worse such issues become.

The more interesting dynamic, though, is the (Post-)Imperialist Guilt Complex:

  • France towards West Africa and Islam,
  • Germany with Tanzania (and for whatever reason far more significantly with Turkey, and Yet Conversely, nothing (or eternally less and less) towards Israel),
  • Scandinavia with whatever area happens to be suffering at a particular time (Bosnia, Kosovo, Darfur, Syria, etc),
  • and more immediately intriguingly, the United States with Mexico.

The idea is essentially that a country actively contributes to the destruction of another country, and then that a Later Generation (who did not participate directly in the previous or ongoing destruction) recompenses or attempts to absolve itself (and/or their forefathers/former leaders?) by voluntarily inviting expatriates from these affected countries to their own, in a seemingly similar display of voluntary self-erasure.

I hope, through this lens, it is clear why Sweden & Germany can no longer advocate for their own survival.

They were too good at it in the past, and the Liberal Mind can no longer justify its own existence.

Again, I don’t know how to feel about this, it just seems to be the case.

I’m done turning to hatred and bitterness at things outside of my control.

If there is a path which is truly Forward, it is not one of more animosity and prejudice.

But is that just another weak lib-cope?

Or are we truly pushing through, to a love beyond love? A love beyond rationale?

What are your thoughts?

-Nick, for The Unists

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