Revisiting McLuhan through the lens of the Electric Age

Marshall McLuhan predicted “the Future of Man in the Electric Age” back in a 1965 interview (as well as throughout his life’s work).

I recently made a video examining (editing) his interview, and juxtaposing his work with images and audio from the Other end of the Electric Age..

Hopefully it does a good job elucidating (or visualizing) the otherwise highly-conceptual ideas of McLuhan, which largely baffled and mystified his contemporary world of the 1960’s: the mediums of which, would treat him in exactly the same way they did everything else: they celebritized, cheapened, sloganized, devoured, and then discarded him.

We now have a unique opportunity to examine “the medium as the message,” having been fully baptized in the Electric Age, the age of the circuit and the computer.

Video description contains links to the original interview (for the viewing pleasure of those less affected/shaped by the Electric Age), as well as links to free pdfs of the most relevant works discussed in the interview.

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