The Cancers of Modern-isms

Lazy-ness, mixed-in with some really good-intentions . . .

Disclaimer: Just in case it is not obvious, this article is partly tongue-in-cheek, partly a piece of utter-pure-reality. It is up to the reader to decide which is which.

Environmental-ism, Conservation-ism, Left-ism is often a cancer of lazy-ness, mixed-in with some really good-intentions. I think this because in a lot of ways, even I myself, I find myself saying things in my own mind like, “Well, if I don’t run some errands today, if I don’t drive today, I’ll be helping the Earth too…” And the problem with thinking that this thought is pure lazy-ness is that there often is an element of truth in it because, it seems to me at least, and I’ve seen this with the water situation in California especially, we seem to have gone sort of mad with the environment, hubristically in our own modern human way, and in a way which simply bolsters and incites the environmentalist, conservationist, leftist critique.

Our society currently lives by one such twisted rule, you could call it a capitalist-rule or a government, crony-capitalist rule. And I realize that the capitalists reading that last sentence will say that I just created a paradoxical statement, one which cannot exist as a reality, because capitalism is one thing, the government is another thing, the problem in their mind is there is too much government, Always! It’s not that Capitalism is the problem in their mind, it’s that it has not been properly tried yet. Sound familiar? This is despite the fact that if I walk around a Walmart and see with mine own eyes, you know, the sad state of my fellow man. I say to myself, “Yes, some of it had to do with the government, but the other part of it had to do with capitalism wanting to prey on humans’ most frail natures and appetites for more crappy processed trinkets & foods from far away lands.”

But I digress and I must now mention the first simple societal rule that I initially spoke of. A rule that our modern world seems to operate by, much like an operating system, or an electronics processing method, with regards to its pillage of the environment. 

It’s the first-in first-out (FIFO) rule for resources in America and possibly the entire World. Whoever can pump the water out the ground the fastest, whoever can use that electricity, whoever can use that energy at the highest rate of consumption, especially while the rates are still palatably low, he is the one who gets ahead, and those that try to conserve, they are the suckers, the rubes down and out there in the shanty towns. Those that try to conserve to use at a later date will surely find that at that later date the prices taste bitter in thine mouth. So yes the environmentalist, conservationist, leftist mind-virus is a compelling one, but it is just a response to something even more ugly. The ever incessant need for more and more and more and more and so oftentimes I think a lot of leftists, environmentalists, conservationists I meet, they’re just responding to that extremity. 

They’re just responding to that extremity and they possibly wouldn’t exist if the capitalist wasn’t so ruthless in his disgusting ways, and how much of that is the government encouraging him? A lot of it, but you know you can always hire a lawyer and try to class action lawsuit yourself 25 dollar$ in exchange for what the capitalist wants to do. So here we are today in our objectivist-capitalist-socialist-environmentalist-conservationist modern dystopia. Can’t wait for my small class-action check.

-Jesse Dustin of The Unists & &

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