Merry Christmas to you too?

Since Covid is all Both Parties ever talk about. Let’s Talk. . .

TLDR: Both Political Parties want you to consume so much, you get high blood-pressure, and need Big Pharma to normalize it. Then a 2nd drug to control “the shakes” and “memory-loss” you got from the first one. . .

Gather round children, and please pay attention, for there is a heartwarming story I really must mention. A tale I must share with you on this Warm Christmas Eve, everyone sit, relax and just stand at ease. . .

Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside this Holiday Season?!

Sure, I remember a long way back when it used to be Trump’s vaccine — But the Left is just more than happy to take advantage of any situation to their Advantage, especially during this Warm Holiday Season, like any good experienced Politico would. . .

A Democrat friend of mine recently said:

“The Democrats are gonna receive a deadly blow in the 2022 midterms because of their over response to Covid” -says, Goes with the Wind, Nathan, in New York City

I do not follow politics anymore — Therefore I have no clue if this is the case or not — But my gut tells me; If a political party receives a supposed “death blow”, EVER, it was planned, and just to create the illusion that we indeed still have two distinct parties ruling over us. In fact, we do not. Americans, ah-heck, the Entire World! Lives under this illusion that there are two distinct parties and that those parties are in control. But is that even true?

Who controls whom? The Politicians or the Technology & Media.
I am here to tell you, the Technology and the Media are the tail wagging the Dog. Us Democrats, Republicans and/or Libertarians, whomever you are, we are merely just puny insects along for the ride. We are one big unified Dog of a Country, filled with us Fleas & Ticks, unified around one thing. Division. And how much that division entertains us personally. On that we agree, we always love to give our political opponent a good bludgeoning! Death to you this Xmas! Let’s Go Brandon!

Or maybe, Down with the Fleas! No! It’s down with the Ticks This Year!

Sorry, I can no longer keep up.
The Media, and the Technologists, Absolutely LOVE Covid and the vaccines and the division because it keeps us creepy crawlies busy & occupied. And not just in the cities, All across America, All Across The World! It gives both the Left and the Right something a bit more harmless to argue about. It provides us a Super, Yet Glorious, never-ending Wedge-Issue, so that we won’t notice the real issues facing each other and our humanity. I have asked before; Do you feel like all this politics, media & technology that surrounds us, has really improved your connections with nature, society, our world, one another, or even yourself?

In fact, I wish one of the parties would stop winning completely so we can get over this farce we call a Democracy, “Constitutional Republic with Democratic Elections.” AKA, the Oligarch, or for you Yarvin fans, the Cathedral. I do not care which party takes over completely. The Democrats can win forever as far as I am concerned. The Republicans fund-raise perpetually on losing anyways. And as long as the Republicans win — just Occasionally —the Bread & Circus will never stop. Everyone gets to stay in their comfy lazy-boys, or on public transportation commuting to work, so others can WFH, staring at screens 44 years of their life. Yes, you read that right. 44 YEARS OF THEIR LIFE ON SCREENS. With living like this, who needs dying?

There are no “death blows” in American Politics, just the drip, drip, drip, death by a thousand cuts. . . Unlike other doomsday-preppers, I am such an Optimist these days, I ditched my “bug-out-bag” completely, for I do not foresee a cataclysmic event to change anything in my lifetime. Just the slow demoralizing regressive drip, drip, drip, of what some people call the rivers of flowing progress.

Meanwhile, I got off that “ship of fools” a long time ago.

Politics, has to be the most shallow body of water to waste your time wading in — And I spent far too much of my youth invested in it. I am ashamed to say I was an awkward kid once (I’ve always been a bit of a hermit), glued to C-Span much of the time. Cheering on my fav POP-Politico icons, while I could have been outside playing. WTF was wrong with me? And since I got out of that ugly world, I am now appalled at how I used to think — And how Democrats and Republicans continue to think — the other side is Much; much more evil than themselves, when in reality, when they dare self-reflect, when they dare look at themselves in the mirror; both are the status-quo’s staunch-iest of defenders.

I find that now, I probably have more in common with the most extreme dissidents on either side; the pious Amish or some crazy Eco-Villager, than any middle of the road, fence-sitting; MSNBC, Fox-News watching Active-Voter. The Young Turks, OAN & Newsmax, No, they won’t do either. Much like the Amish, I quit voting completely. I know that is a hard-pill for many of you to swallow, but why encourage the bastards?

My only thing to add, and it was part of the latter parts of my most recent book, is to point out that both parties are just defending differing Materialism. Capitalists & Socialists, they are only arguing over how we get our gibs.

“Gibs me dat! Gibs me dat!”


“Ya’ll see those storage containers off the seaport!”


Where muh overseas stuff at Ya’ll?! Shipping Delayed, OMGWTFBBQ meltdown.

In Other Words, Just Consume. Don’t ask any questions. Republicans complain about how they get their stuff, & Democrats complain about how they get their stuff, and Libertarians really want you to get your own Damn Stuff! Get your Dirty Mitts off my stuff they say! Galts Gulch Time!

So the only ultimate political division between us is the means of acquiring wealth and material wants; Some means being more or less noble than the others. The unifying element in American society, is that you need more stuff. Both parties agree — Regardless of how many poor people in India didn’t get their first booster, Americans need 6 of them. Regardless of how much food we spoil & throw away (Fun Fact: 40%!), we need more food & liquor to fill our guilty bellies! Regardless of how many roads & infrastructure we already have, WE MUST BUILD MORE BACK TO BACK & BETTER! You know, so we can get stuff quicker with automated trucks, no shipping delays pretty please.

Both “materialistic” ideologies lead to the same fate. Boredom, un-fulfillment and being tired all the time.

The question really is; How much can you? Or do you? Want to help them. No really. They need you to help keep them fat, dumb, comfy and happy in their recliners. We need you to reinforce the status quo. How much of your life can you keep sacrificially busy, yet somewhat docile, to keep the boomers and whatever jet-set elites happy, in two or three homes, with a half-dozen dogs and cats, in front of 3 screens, and I repeat, for 44 years of their life!? Please, be a good boy and keep working, for the comforting needs of others, Pretty please. We will make sure you get some warm & soft crumbs, and a high DPI screen to-boot. . .

They want your brain and your braun, the question is; Why do you want to keep giving it to them?

You have one brain, one set of muscles, to use with this one life you have on this Earth. The question is, and it is the question I kept asking myself, back when I lived in that camper, tucked way back in some canyon somewhere, was:

Do I want to keep using my muscles, my brain power, to help drive the ignoble dreams of others? Or do I want to use them solely for my own noble ideals?
That is the shortest summary as to why we do what we do out here on our farm, read what we read, write what we write — And why Politics, and wasting time with the Media Entertainment Complex is the biggest waste of time for our limited brain functions. It is the Anti-thesis of living the good life.

I have heard some with a more Nihilistic bent, often say:

“In the end we all perish, right, no biggie” -Says the Libertarian, Nihilist & the Hippie, with an uneasy smile and gait.

No, your life on this Earth really does matter. I cannot believe I have to tell people this, but it just shows you how demoralized we have become. I often jest, but take this one idea from me seriously.

Leaving a lasting legacy matters. And for you perennial traditionalists, we are not ONLY talking about offspring, although we do mean them too. Do you think anyone cared that Bhudda had children? No, they cared about the impact he made while living his life on this Earth, and continued to make after his death. An impact and message that outlasted this mere mortal man. He obviously cared deeply about the How and the What? — he put his brain to use for.

Do you put that much care in your actions and thoughts each day?

If you were to leave a legacy for other people, to hold up to as an example, what would that be?

Deep inside, people know that life has to be more than just consuming stuff, consuming experiences, sitting in front of a screen, Moi Jouissance Mon Ami! C’est La Vie? No, life is much more than money and what pleasures we can each consume, much more than the recreations and whimsical jests we use to occupy our minds.

People know what I am saying to be true, and I am not the only one pointing it out.

My theory is this. Every day of your life, or at least, most days of your life, better be your ideal and noble day, from start to finish. And your ideal day, your central purpose each day — as you move one foot in front of the other — better be more than waking up and asking yourself, “What pleasures shall I partake in today sir?”

If your dream is to wake up on a mountain-top each day, foraging plants with the fam & hunting elk to survive, you better start doing it, and soon. If your dream is to wake up and sit at a cafe and drink coffee in the morning in the city, if that is an experience you cherish, you go do that each day.

But be careful what you wish for?
Part of living that life in the city is working in that city. Working FOR that city, and working a lot, just in order to pay for that life in the city. It is difficult to find the time to smell the roses, read and write books, raise a family, build a legacy for others to point to as an alternative to the 9-5 grind, while just scraping by, or even living wealthily, in a City. There are too many trade offs… Time/Money/Transportation/DoingWhatYouCanToBuildSomething when working and toiling for others to sustain something unsustainable. The City.

And not to get all Eco-Fascist on ya’ll, but is that food you eat any good for the planet anyways? Some people smarter than me would say, No. You would probably be disgusted with what the transnational farming conglomerates from Singapore were doing to ensure that the food even reaches you in the City, just so that 40% can be spoiled and tossed in the trash!

And not to get even more hippy dippy and spiritual, Who wants to be eating food that’s cheaply made, that has all these negative emotions associated with the food and animals. No wonder there’s so many cancers and such. Maybe you think Spirituality is a bunch of hullabaloo? Just think then of all the weird adrenalines and hormones in such food made under such conditions. You believe in Science, Right? I mean c’mon, Be a good boy and at least trust THE SCIENCE. (This Science Brough To You By Pfizer- we good!)

Life of the Pauper or, the life of the Prince?
It was in my late thirties when I got the utter privilege, and fortitude, to exit a system I grew to despise. . . and frankly, it sounds crazy, but I am almost glad I DID NOT have more $$ when I did. More money often does lead to Mo-Problems. Notorious B.I.G. had it right? Look see, it got him killed.

You want to exit the system with almost less than enough $$. So you do not become fat dumb and happy with creature comforts. . . And fancy toys & tractors. . . attracting the wrong kind of partner, I may add, only loving you for the value in your wallet — Not the value in your mind.

Better to go out as a Pauper, I say, than a Prince. As I’ve never been more happy with less stuff, I can honestly say this. . .

Even the wealthiest man and poorest of souls can see that the materialism, consumption, technological, societal, urban-alienation from our own true nature leads down a dark broad road than many a men willfully run through. . .

True fulfillment is down the untrodden, the narrow path, through the narrow gate. . .

As a wise prophet once said:

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

When exactly did we forget these things?

It is almost like ancient old perennial wisdom is still valid or something in todays modern world? Imagine that? Funny how that works? What on Earth was the Revolt of the 60’s (and late 1800s coincidentally) against exactly? Ourselves, our traditions, which had already gone somewhat astray by that time. Maybe we are due for a New Renaissance, evoking some of the best ideas of the past.

When I am an old man, in my crazy old fits of rage, full of dementia, I just hope I am ranting about that time that old wild goat broke through that fence. That time, me and my children struggled to force him back in. . .

I can imagine it now. . .

“Oh, Lorry, Lorry, Oh Relish, Oh Moxie, you wild gadabouts, how footloose you have become! What have you found which makes you seek hither, how rapacious is the stirring within your fertile loins that you three, my most rambunctious and lofty goats seek to distance yourself from our flock-some. Come back, come back my sweet ladies, or I will crook you in the heat of your passions, and that would disturb both of our sensibilities greatly.”

Better those memories, and not blabbering incoherently about some old show I used to watch on HBO Max & Netflix…

What roots have you built? Deep roots? Or have you built an existence that could be wiped out tomorrow and no one else will know or care. Do you think your grandfather would be proud of you? Your great-grandfather? Sometimes these questions hurt. They should. Have you carved something out of your fresh piece of Earth yet — Have you produced a little Growth on the Soil, or were you merely Dust in the Cold City-scape Wind? Before those chickens come home to roost my friends; be very careful what roots you build, for, as some baby-boomers I fear are about to find out, if your roots are built upon quick-sand, how quickly they can be wiped away. Whereas, if your roots are built upon a firm foundation, no wind shall make it fall, no tremor shall make it tumble. . .

So what roots should you build exactly?
There-in lies the rub right? Some, more Nihilistic people would say, with an uneasy voice,

“Who knows! Different Strokes for Different Folks, Right?”

To which I would retort, That is what got us into this mess to begin with! Looking to a Nihilist for guidance would be like looking to a POP-icon for guidance; then wondering why Cardi-B and John Lennon led you astray with their hedonistic whim-worshipping. . .

Well, I always look for real mentors for guidance. So let’s see. Who is left that I can look to for guidance? Who is left that has built the strongest roots? A culture that we can use as an example for a strong fulfilling future?

Oh My! Gasp, What is this? What an example the Amish are, aren’t they? They choose, as a community mind you, what Technology to adopt. Imagine trusting your peers with that sort of power over yourself? Never! Not in a million friggin years! I would never trust you fools over my stuff! I know what is best for me, really I DO, NOT my poor old ancestors.

Yet, imagine what a deep and loving trust can do for a people & a culture? Imagine just how easy commerce becomes, without a single lawyer.

Since we fools live over here, WITHOUT such a deep trust with one another, Man will; Man Should! —Always yearn to be free from such collective coercion from people he has no relation with. Yearn til his very last breath for freedom. And so that is why some of us feel like castaways these days, cast like pearls before swine. Cast out into our retreats. . . Cast out into the unknown of the wilderness.

But alas, ask yourself. Have we retreated?

Your thoughts now betray you my reader, your thoughts betray you indeed.

Or have we simply dug in, for the long cold winters ahead. Dug in, where we are busy heaping riches. No my Dear Reader. Your thoughts betray you yet again. Not riches here on Earth, but riches of the mind. Using our ideas, our minds, our brains, so that future generations can emulate us and rebuild, in our loving memories.

As we will watch down from the Glorious Heavens, many of you have foresaken in your pursuit for wordly pleasures here on Earth, we keep muttering under our seraphic tongues:

what good it is for a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?

— Join us friends.

-Jesse Dustin of The Unists & &

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