Ukraine & the Regime of Propaganda.

America, Silicon Valley, the Plain-Clothed Pacifist; Who is really destroying the West?

I decided to write an article on the Ukraine War. It’s the anniversary and all. Yippee! Dear Reader, let’s you and I bake a cake together while we get some William Wallace face paint ready! It is Warhammer 3k Cosplay time! Usually I wouldn’t cover current topics but this NATO tweet inspired me to embrace my inner fantasy land. How much are we paying these keyboard warriors anyways?

This is how we identify with Real War. Just like a Hollywood movie. Sad!

It was about a year ago that I was in a fine Anabaptist Old German Brethren gathering where the elder was praying for an end to this war on all sides. The parishioners listened and rejoiced, the elected and unelected bureaucracies that lord over us never heard the call. As Anabaptists / Mennonites these people are pacifists, they won’t enter into war under any circumstances. They do not believe in the “just war theory” espoused by more mainstream Christians and if threatened they would rather go to heaven than kill a man. They also probably have no clue what Thanos is! Neither do I. The propaganda doesn’t work on these types. We’ve never seen a Marvell or Potter movie before. We checked out of the mainstream long before the Covid script ever made disconnecting an imperative for everyone else.

We do not even understand why the American media is so gung-ho about killing Russians in general. In fact I have to really doubt that Americans are so blood thirsty against the Russkis because I’ve never actually met an American that wanted to kill a Russian. Even Putin is probably preferred to half the Country over Orange Man Bad or some other stateside politicians.

One really has to ask themselves sometimes, What have the Russians done to us lately? I mean you personally. Not a darn thing that I can remember. No, most people I meet are downright furious at their own government. Is Democracy sustainable when everyone is pissed all the time at the other half? It harms life expectancy even. Probably causes Cancer. (I am not a Doctor)

Then our Federal Government gaslights us like this:

An independent analysis by Texas A & M University of Environmental Protection Agency data, released Friday, found nine air pollutants at levels that could raise long-term health concerns in and around East Palestine, apparently contradicting statements by state and federal regulators that the air there is safe.”

It is almost like our Government works with Insurance companies to keep the medical disaster claims down by pretending “there is nothing to see here. . .”.

I’ll go even further. The Russians didn’t just blow up a train filled with Poly vinyl chloride in East Palestine Ohio. The Russians didn’t just declare war against all Palestinians either. Sorry to mix up these two news stories, but contrary to ’80s Hollywood, the Russians aren’t the only bad guys in town. Keep Up Will You!

Now before you call me a Russian apologist, sure I have read some Alexander Dugin —RIP to his assassinated daughter, car bombs suck, who did it even? You really have to wonder sometimes where our tax money goes? — I have no opinion on Putin, I barely know or understand his type. The power hungry men who wants to lord over us. I wonder where they get such grand notions that one large nation can dystopically rule over Europe! Over the World! Maybe we need to look in the mirror once and awhile at where such a fool would gather such broad notions.

Maybe the reality is that Putin does not like 1,000 miles of NATO missiles pointing at him from a country that used to be part of Russia. Guess the North Atlantic defense treaty has turned into an offensive treaty to some deep in Baltic Sea. Very offensive use of taxpayer money indeed. Almost enough to really piss off another country into much needed defense. One has to really ask with all the Billions we are spending on missiles, war and escalation, Are we paying to assassinate Russian Philosopher’s daughters too? Ah heck, no one, especially not our Western Media cares in the least about the answers to any of these questions. If I get an uptick of paid subscribers from the Caucuses I will know I landed a tight spot with the right folks by saying the correct things.

Now it takes a great deal of work mentally to be a pacifist, but this is sort of where this blog began two years ago. With a book review of Human Smoke, by pacifist and author Nicholson Baker. He simply printed newspaper headlines leading up to World War II which upon reading them really made you think that the reason we went to war is not at all for the reasons that we so laud today. The first casualty in war is the truth. We have been living through the drama of public school lies for over a century. Bless his heart, If only my Granpa knew what he had become involved in! If only Silicon Valley would come to terms with where it originally got its money from. The Military Industrial Complex fostered the same Silicon Valley Technology which now is destroying our humanity with glittering propaganda about how we need to support the next big escalation towards World War Ménage à Trois. It is almost like the Military, Technology, Capitalism and the Downfall of mankind are all intertwined somehow? How does it feel to be a part of it all you Techno-philes? While sipping latte’s writing the next big iPhone app did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine you had a part in all of this?

Ever changing narratives are what make a propaganda war possible. Take Societal Order and Turn it into Pure Chaos. Making death and mayhem and destruction and lives lost and turning it into a Hollywood movie to get pushed out Via Netflix. Who ever gets tired of retelling such classic tales as David versus the Goliath? Who are we in this story exactly? Can the Pentagon at least fund David so he can trade in his slingshots for some patriot missiles and F-22 Raptors. Feeling bad for Goliath yet? Don’t you know he only had his fists to defend himself! This is why William Wallace is cool as a Historical Figure. We are always reflexively rooting for the underdog.

I still do not know what Thanos is supposed to be or why Ukraine needs my money to fight against it. Which dark side am I supposed to be on?! Not the Death Star, No of course not! No! Putin should just darn some light colored Obie Wan toga, say America is basically Darth Vadar and then maybe we will forgive ourselves for cutting off his Ukrainian right hand. Oh yea and that whole weed smoking lesbian WNBA trade for Viktor-how-Bout that stache was really demeaning for Russia, not us. Not in the least. He should correct the record at least.

Propaganda tells the people watching at home that they really have taken the high ground with all this killing stuff! Moral superiority indeed. And what entertainment! Who could forget The Ghost of Kyiv hit reality TV show!

Is your moral boosted yet? Triple boosted? Or more pure blood?

The main question is, Are the people still listening? Propaganda gives us a compelling narrative that we can all agree with, but do we even all agree anymore on the shifting narratives? While the media spoon-feeds us our preferred “Joussaince” or outrage of the day, what entertainment and pleasures we still enjoy, casual dopamine hits thinly veiled as excuses to fund the mass murder of 80s retrowave bogeyman, did they ever stop to think, Are we all still on board? Hey, check out the new episode of sports ball, and keep wishing our missiles murdered more Russians than they can murder Ukrainians. Can we kill them fast enough? Are you enjoying this show yet? Got my GDP hard-on.

But what is this?
Our heart is just not in it like these well-invested Capitalists types. . .

They are frothing at the mouth like College kids! Oh how happy those days were compared to these. Lockheed Martin seems particularly thrilled with how things are going. Just check out that easy grin. Am I too cynical to think that American GDP has a lot more to do with this War than the Lobsters could even begin to imagine. I hear Slavic teens go great with butter too?

I am not sure if you can tell but I know my heart just isn’t into this War. I know when World War Ménage à Trois breaks out and the good guys who sit in Beltway cubicles and Silicon Valley Zoom calls want to draft me and my kids, my heart just won’t be in it either. They do not want my type on the battlefield or producing munitions or technology for them. I’m liable to become a Benedict Arnold! I prefer their Enmity to their applause.

Who can blame me?

Was Russia the aggressor in this case? Who knows, I don’t. Was NATO the aggressor in this case? Who knows I don’t. Who blew up the Nord stream pipeline? Who knows I don’t.

Claes Ryn who is better read and more knowledgable than I am said this on substack recently which I think puts an even finer point on the whole charade:

”Ukrainians are now suffering the indignity of foreign investors swooping down to buy up Ukrainian homes, enterprises, buildings, and other assets for pennies on the dollar. How appalling yet familiar this pattern: wars that diplomacy and negotiations should have averted turn out to be, for circling foreign investors, great opportunities for enrichment.

. . . Washington has acted as if determined to have Russia simply abandon all its claims or face a proxy war—or more—with the U.S.: this at the expense of the Ukrainians who would do the actual fighting and dying and suffer the destruction of much of their country. U.S. policymakers seem to be telling themselves that the risk of the conflict spiraling into a horrendous conflagration is morally warranted. Militarily, the European members of NATO are little more than American protectorates, and their leaders, closely intertwined as they are with America’s oligarchic imperial regime, are under permanent pressure to acquiesce to U.S. demands.

So destructive to European interests has U.S. policy been that one might even be allowed to wonder whether for some U.S. leaders the objective has been to undermine Europe’s ability to compete economically with the U.S. That the consequences for Germany are particularly damaging calls to mind that for many in the U.S. foreign policy establishment controlling Germany has been from the beginning an unstated purpose of NATO.

Our poor old Europe. Our deep old foundations of Western Humanity and History. Who is destroying it?

Much like California and Silicon Valley have destroyed our own nation with its crappy entertainment devices delivered via smartphones, Our Own Government is hell-bent on destroying the world! Our own dear old Western European culture along with it.

Can anyone save the West from a Self Inflicted Suicide?

I’ve got the solution for you.

But wait one moment. What is this?! A hail Mary pass. Cooler heads can prevail! 98 year old Henry Kissinger to the Rescue! Channeling his inner Francis Parker Yockey! We should seek an Imperium with our Cold Brothers from Siberia and forget all this War non-sense!

I cannot believe I now agree with the old Davos stalwart Kissinger when it comes to reconciliation with Russia. I cannot believe that he now agrees with Yockey. Strange times makes for strange bed-fellows indeed.

Imagine such a crazy idea. One which goes against every movie from the 80s and every Democrat talking point from 2016 onward. Forming an alliance with Russia who already controls 40% of the land-mass known as Europe! This writer must be off his rocker with such a modest proposal! I can almost taste the same bliss of long standing Russian peace that I felt while attending Bernie Sanders Honeymoon.

The beauty with being a pacifist and someone who gave up on Silicon Valley to finally have some time to read more broadly (suicide safety nets are real thing you iphone users you). By becoming a conscientious objector to most of this modern and wordly stuff. By pointing out how most of what we believe in is as worthless as suicide nets for the soul. By realizing that the bromides and taco truck tripe for the rubes of this world is simply American propaganda delivered via smartphones, and that it alone is destroying humanity; Especially our own Western Humanity, it simply means that when the classic tricks are deployed, like on the Amish, they just don’t work on us anymore. It barely did when I was just a 16 year old punk rocker and the President was getting blow-jobs under his desk by young interns only to retire to Epstein Island. Being a pacifist becomes real easy in a world filled with lies and deception.

And all this deception to protect what? Democracy? Technology? Capitalism? Neo-liberalism? When partnered with a poor government education it becomes such a simple trick, isn’t it?

Does an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, killing a life for another life really make sense when it seems so purposeless and contrary to the great Religions and morals of the past? Isn’t Democracy supposed to just suck a little but be better than “anything else tried”? Does it seem so these days? Is perrenialism and traditional morals such old hat? Is what replaced it any better? Am I simply getting old & long in the tooth? Does making the world blind help anyone or does killing families just lead to more War? Does closing your eyes to what our government and what our own smartphone habits and the Ukrainian government do with our taxpayer blood money make the world a happier place? Are suicide safety nets so you can stare at an iPhone all day just a cost of living in a modern world? Apparently. . . so keep on scrolling Comrades.

Now before you call an alliance with Russia crazy, Our buddies in China may beat us to the punch unless we can bully them around with our Media. Oh what’s this? Maybe China did leak the Wuhan flu from some lab after-all? Some petty little bureaucrat in some cubicle somewhere in the Energy Department apparently talked to someone in the FBI and War department fulfilling ever 2020 conspiracy theorists wet dreams with one Wall Street Journal piece. Gee, I wonder why now? But I digress. . .

Here is what an Anabaptist publication posted recently:

We can’t control war. For example, we didn’t know whether supplying Western weapons would speedily end the war in Ukraine, or contribute to it evolving into a protracted trench war or even into a nuclear conflict. Building and supplying and using weapons, even to retaliate against an agressor, generates a dynamic beyond our control. It’s a dynamic that is inevitably going to dominate us – and eventually make us resemble what we’re fighting against.

In the words of Jesus, whoever takes up the sword will perish by the sword. War will eat us in the end.

Call these pious Christian folks hippie dippie peace-niks all you want. Personally, I would like to leave my eyes wide open to some old ideas so that I can see more clearly what my own country wants to do with its taxpayer money. How the Biden Regime and all the War Hawk Neo-Cons turn it into tax funded blood money into war parroting propaganda from the California and New York elite media cartels. Who on Earth wants to make money from such downright evil stuff? Who indeed. . . How can this crazy goat farmer ask such things?

It’s extraordinary how accurate this old map is.

Here is what I really think. The old adage, the enemy of my enemy is my friend might be right. The question is, Who is the larger Societal or Cultures Greatest Enemy?

I think Snowden was right, our own Government and Silicon Valley Tech has turned into monsters glowing in our hands, all under the ruse of defending Neo-liberal Democracy, something which is becoming almost indefensible at this point. Stop using a smartphone already, it is time to disconnect before the Military Industrial Complex led Silicon Valley swallows you up whole-cloth. Where young Edward fled off too is very telling. Julian Assange deserves a pardon. When you speak against the world’s most powerful regimes latest call to war, this is when you actually become a pariah amongst your own people. Please do not think this entire article is anything but a joke my fellow humans. I have nothing but Agape love for my homeboys. Luckily I am just small time Goat farmer Amish-o-phile. Leave us alone already.

One more word for those who are not so Worldly. Keep quiet Amish. Don’t dare say a word when it comes to it. Don’t tell them a damn thing when the next big War starts. Just keep tilling them fields and having babies. In between working our pastures the propaganda no longer works on most of us who are paying even the slightest bit of attention. Let the phone addicts fight the next War. They are up to it physically. Ha-ha


-Jesse Dustin

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