In search of Greener Pastures!

>Onward and ^Upward

When I started a Substack and writing for the Unists a few years ago I wanted to tell the world about a different way to live. I wanted to talk about farming, specifically goat farming. But most of all I wanted to get people off their damn smartphones.

I failed. People are still hooked.

Covid ultimately did pull the curtain back. It showed everyone how pathetic the whole digital charade was and still is, but Post-Covid far too many willingly, like a Stockholm syndrome victim, fell back in love with their captor and wanted to feel the cold harsh digital embrace once again. We gained and then lost some momentum in the last few years, but now a minority of Anti-tech folks keep moving on with some increased numbers behind us.

Paul Kingsnorth recently posted his thoughts on the “Neon-God”. It is a dark one.

And a hat-tip to Mehret Biruk for posting a link to our dumb-phone to flip-phone article: You need to Get off your damn phone!Her Substack is worth a visit for these and related Anti-smartphone viewpoints.

We wrote this Anti-smartphone, Anti-tech book awhile back, and sales have been brisk, so we started writing a second one. One chapter from our second book was just submitted to Antelope Hill publishing for their annual contest. This year’s topic is “Touch Grass”. Which is what we all really need to do. Go ahead, touch it already. Oh you cannot find any? Go out and find your forest!

Life is Chaotic, life is busy, life is full of distractions. That is the point, to unwillingly take you down the broad road so that you rarely follow the righteous narrow path returning to the soil.

In two weeks we are leaving this Farm outside of Yosemite. It is time to scram from this place! The Sierra Mountain Foothills have been good to us, but we are seeking out greener pastures somewhere in the Mid-West. We do not know where yet. We are searchers, in search of the Truth. A truth you can only find if you look for it.

Whereas those with starlights in their eyes keep looking for something, we know what we seek to find. Connecting with our children and each other and the soil. Humble living keeps you pious my Friends. It keeps you protected from the evils of these days.

Some of you think you can keep doing the same thing. You can. That is your choice. Some of us out here in the forest know that we need to do something different. A new path, but a path which has been shown to be the correct one over and over again. . .

You can find it too. It can be yours. . .

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