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From this point on, how you choose to be involved with or removed from Unism is completely your hands. As a “by the people, for the people” movement, just by reading this, you have become a small part of something that will begin to shape our shared future, and thereby the course of human history entirely.

That’s why we encourage each of our members or critics to voice their opinions about what Unism means to them, conceptually and practically.

We encourage everyone to share their experiences – not only online, but in person – with everyone they know. We don’t need hashtags and viral gimmicks – we need real people who are dedicated to creating a new world, shaping a new shared culture, and to embodying that new world and culture so that others may join us and find their own true purpose in life.

Feel free to join us or oppose us; in either case, we will respect you and your personal experiences and journey as a human being. Unism is about accepting all people according to the principles of Agape Love, supporting them insofar as they adhere to the Golden Rule, and in lending understanding and compassion to those who do not yet see how their actions, beliefs, or lifestyle violate this rule.

We never seek to take a moral or ethical high-ground in relation to anyone; we believe that we have all begun life on an equal plain. Why punish or ostracize those who have not yet learned how destructive their actions based on certain personal beliefs can be – beliefs such as racism, sexism, homophobia; these are attitudes wholly rooted in singling out differences between humans, for the sake of division and exclusion. …But to combat attitudes of intolerance through hatred, further exclusion, and ostracism would be to commit the same short-sighted and heavy-handed intolerance! Each of these attitudes are founded in the idea that there is something which can fundamentally separate one from the “ideal” society or humanity. Unists reject this assertion, and believe that the only thing which can separate one from the ideal humanity is that individual’s own self-separation from it, by hypocrisy and willing misalignment with the Golden Rule. We seek to lead by example, and manifest in our daily lives the world of true unity and universal equality we wish to create.

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