Reading List (13)

Here is our ongoing and continually updated reading list, which contains only some of the incredibly influential works which have played no insignificant part in the initial and continual formulation and consolidation of the ideas and motivations of Unism.

NOTE: We ALWAYS recommend reading these important works on physical paper, in a tangible, solid-state Book; visit your local library or used bookstore before they are boarded up and condemned, whether morally or architecturally.

Barring this, we have hosted the works as PDFs, or linked to the sites which host them.

Please send your recommendations for reading list material to:

Kaczynski, Theodore – Industrial Society and its Future.

Plato – Phaedo. (excerpt) (html plaintext ebook)

Orwell, George – Keep The Aspidistra Flying.

Oft neglected in the Orwellian corpus, Keep The Aspidistra Flying is an amazing exploration of what an obsession with money can do to a man, even when one is obsessed with a rebellion against money – great evidence that those who define themselves by their opposition to a force are often shaped by it far more fundamentally than those who merely (consciously or subconsciously) submit to it. While the book pulls A Clockwork Orange and reforms its main character in the final act, examining the path until that point is invaluable to anyone who’s ever struggled with poverty – self-imposed or otherwise.

Kaczynski, Theodore – Technological-Slavery (online archive)  

Baudrillard, Jean – Simulacra and Simulation.

Burgess, Anthony – A Clockwork Orange.

CrimethInc. – Days of War, Nights of Love. (.pdf)

Condon, John C. – Semantics and Communication.

Dostoevsky, Fyodor – Brothers Karamazov.

The Grand Inquisitor chapter sets out an expert dilemma between freedom and security/duty, and the weakness of humanity, but of most importance is the discussion around love in the chapter “Rebellion.” (.pdf) 

Loyd, Anthony – My War Gone By, I Miss It So.

Plato – Lysis, Or Friendship. (gutenberg ebook)

Plato – Euthyphro.

Plato – Crito.

Orwell, George – 1984. (ebook with zipped pdf download)

Marx, Karl – The Communist Manifesto.

  • While we eschew Marxism in its modern connotations, Marx’s critique of Capitalism is inspired and instrumental. It is in his ideas for Socialism and Communism where we depart from him severely.