What Is A Unist?

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A Unist.. 


..is a person who is connected to, or aligned with, the ideals, actions, and goals of the group/movement Unism, and chooses to adhere to its twin principles:

[1] holding ourselves the standard of the Golden Rule (treat others just as you want to be treated), and [2] pursuing the ideal of Agape Love: an unconditional, forgiving, nearly supernatural degree of Love, even in the face of hatred and persecution.

When one chooses to pursue Unism through these twin principles, one have undergone or are prepare to soon undergo a significant inner/psychological transformation, and/or a spiritual awakening. This is because the world around us has a tremendous effect on our psychological (and spiritual) wellbeing

Unism begins with accepting the fundamental dignity and humanity of Yourself.

You, as a human being, alive and reading this, exist in a world ruled by societies whose ideologies and societal processes inherently dehumanize you.

Some people can avoid the realization and/or effects of this dehumanization and alienation much longer than others, usually dependent on their level of comfort within their society – comfort derived from their economic, cultural, racial, and/or gender identity, in relation to the prevailing or dominant (in population and/or influence) identity/identities within their society (for example, Poles in Poland, the French in France, Han Chinese in the People’s Republic of China, males in most countries, and rich persons globally).

In any case, regardless of one’s social identity or level of comfort, these effects will eventually be felt by every person within modern society.

There are myriad reasons for this inevitable conclusion of desperation, frustration, and dehumanization in our modern world, many of which we will detail in our series of articles, essays, and other blog posts. But we are confident that You yourself will be able to identify personally with such feelings, either currently or formerly, and to varying degrees of intensity and debilitation. More and more young adults, teenagers, and even pre-teens are becoming increasingly affected by this sense of anxiety and restlessness that characterizes our constantly shifting social and cultural landscape, as it is unable to provide any sense of stability, continuity, or security

If you have ever felt uncharacteristically depressed, defeatist, or anxious about the past, present, or future, you are certainly not alone.

Like many of us, you may have sought to fix this in a variety of ways. Perhaps you reached out to counselors, a therapist, or a psychiatrist. They will offer you well-intentioned therapies and medications meant to make you feel more at home and at ease within the current system. You may have attached yourself to a prevailing political or social movements – with varying shades of grey between them, they are commonly recognized as Conservatism and Liberalism. Maybe the historical or purely theoretical allure of even Fascism, Communism, or Anarchism genuinely captivated you.

But by attaching ourselves to these “-isms” and their world views, we have damned ourselves to either knowingly (Conservative ideologies) or unknowingly (Centrist and Liberal ideologies) perpetuating the current inequalities and injustices of our societies, as carryovers from when these concepts were first imagined. And especially for the more radical approaches – so inextricably rooted in the historical contexts in which they originated – these long outdated models for social, political, and economic interaction and governance have clearly and truly expired as adequate models and solutions for future societies… In this age of the ever-present internet connections (which just in these last few years has become So essential to each of our daily lives), relentless cyber warfare, constantly evolving social media, and remote drone strikes, our daily lives and the identities constructed therein have evolved so far beyond the limits accountable by the classical social and political theories of the 17- and 1800’s, it is a wonder that there is any question at all as to whether we should move beyond them; having already been given so much time to prove their (in)efficiency – against even age-old issues such as hunger, education, unemployment, national security, welfare, and homelessness – and failing.

…More likely though, in the face of constant dehumanization and alienation, you and countless others have become so disaffected by the current political landscape and the ineffectual policies thereof, that you have completely disengaged from the political process entirely.

That is why we are in dire need of an all-inclusive, Truly forward-thinking, socio-political movement which aims for nothing short of total global coexistence  – one which recognizes the fundamental humanity and dignity of all who walk this earth in opposition to a predatory “nature.” By rejecting to see our existence as a struggle Against others, but as a struggle For others which empowers the individual And the community as a whole, we will finally move our societies from their animalistic, inherently predatory roots, to their inevitable culminations: Societies which can take full advantage of modern humankind’s interconnected, interdependent global communities, and their shared ambitions and aspirations – for the pursuit of happiness: un-mired by the exploitation and degradation which so blatantly characterizes our current transitionary period of capitalist globalization.

This is not blueskying. This is blueprinting. By conceptualizing and externalizing this ideal global coexistence, we come ever closer to embodying and actualizing the prosperity which that coexistence will offer. It’s time to reject the failings of our fears and self-doubts. It’s time to unite and legitimately change the course of humankind.

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