How Unists See The Future

As Unists, we are done thinking small scale; letting Ancient Hatreds and artificial divisions hold us back, both personally and as a human race, from embodying a future where a person is judged Not by their gender, their ethnicity or race, even their politics, religious beliefs, or private lifestyles, whatever does not interfere with others’ pursuit of happiness – but is judged solely by their character and actions, in relation to any actual harm done to themselves or others.

It is time to get beyond all current mentalities for mending society: both the Conservative approach of basing decisions off of fear or trepidations, aiming to return to an over-idealized and forever-elusive “former glory”; and the Liberal approach of putting a well-meaning yet infected band-aid of political correctness and social justice on the current system of inequality, which has and will forever perpetuate the current racial, ethnic, gender, and socio-economic divisions.

We as Unists are far past divisions. We are ready to unite all free-thinking people, and embrace all who are on their way to thinking freely: We understand human development (individual, personal development, and the consequential advancement of human understanding as a whole) as a Progression which is ultimately leading towards global coexistence. Thus we see Unism as the logical evolution past the right-left, conservatism-liberalism spectrum; an evolution which aims to conceptualize, externalize, and actualize this global coexistence.

More to come. Let us know what you hope to see in and of the future. Leave a comment or tweet us @TheUnists


The Unists

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