Active Research Archive Project

Guest Post: Sterling Latimer from the ARA (Active Research Archive project)

My name is Sterling Latimer of the Active Research Archive project. The A.R.A. is an effort to preserve esoteric knowledge and world history. This archive is actually a reincarnation of an earlier project from my youth, over a decade ago. Back then a terabyte drive would have costed easily a few hundred dollars and probably even more to upload all of that to a website. Now in the 2020’s, there are many tools and services a available that make such a thing possible for a reasonable price.

‘Active Research’ represents the core tents of anarchy, aka Natural Law. Big shout out to the ‘Unism’ project for acknowledging and promoting my efforts, also to the ‘One Great Work Network’ and everyone promoting Natural Law principles of non-aggression and self defense.

Here, you will find a compendium of information concerning the human race and natural Law. There are over 500GB in the education folder and about another 500GB in the entertainment folder. All files can be shared, accessed and downloaded directly, for free, without signup. Many files in the education folder are quite old and censored, much of which is either very rare or impossible to find material. So far there are about 1,022GB uploaded,(~99.5% organized), and counting.

The education folder includes every genre from documentaries, podcasts, educational images including graphs, diagrams and conversion charts, esoteric breakdown of films and shows, symbolism, old footage of historical events and places, interviews, audio podcasts, lectures and speeches, (much of which are video-exclusive online exept here), and much more.

In the entertainment folder you’ll find shows, movies, memes (that cause cancer), and other carcinogenic material.

As always, please share the information far and wide. Text, post, email the link to everywhere and everyone! Feel free to reach out to me via email at

for more information. This archive is not free to maintain so feel free to leave a donation via paypal or cashapp; any amount is much appreciated. All social media links are listed in the Active Research Guide in both ‘CRITICAL FILES’ folders. Join the A.R.A. discord to stay up to date on independent news and other content yet to be archived!!Ah7DHNRgJcoinCmcsmO9Q7i9VpR_

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