Channel that Emotional Energy into something Positive.

Pretty please? No really, hear me out. . .

Disclaimer: This article was written in haste, as it contains current events, but it was also written as an example of: How you too can Channel Emotional Energy into something Positive.

As much as I hate adding to the never ending “echo chamber” and train wreck of current events, I felt compelled to write this article because, when you have a thought, an emotion; it is best to channel that emotional energy into producing something positive. Also I like to lead by example. But mostly because, oftentimes I almost feel like a foreigner, an outcast in my own land these days. I have been on this farm for almost four years now and I am starting to barely recognize the outside world. Sure, it is the exact same as I left it, but I have changed so much outside of it.

Whenever I talk to people off my farm, and they are aloof or unfriendly or whatever, I just chalk peoples aloofness or awkwardness up with being part of the outside world of technological alienation that they live in, surrounded by whatever echo chamber they are part of. They cannot escape it, in fact, who can really? I have nothing but pity and empathy for all of my fellow countrymen. If they could only look in the mirror once and awhile and ask themselves, “what has happened to you?” In fact, nothing has happened. In my absence, you have not changed one bit, when you really should have by now.

The human world we have today, and the one I grew up in, is so alienated from each other.

Let’s recap the last year briefly shall we:
– Police killed Blacks.
– Protestors burned down car lots.
– A young White man defended a car lot and killed a Jewish gun wielding pedophile amongst others.
– He got off on self defense.
– An enraged Black man ran down Christmas celebrators with an SUV.

Differing sides suddenly praised, and even evil rejoiced at each sudden turn of events.

Yet is was that same old train wreck, wasn’t it? That same old never ending escalation of that alienated world that continues forevermore like a bad Edgar Allen Poe narration. If only someone, anyone, knew how to channel that energy into something positive.

Meanwhile, I am just over here, like some sort of Amish dude castrating his goats, telling people to disconnect from that foreign world . . . a world I barely recognize anymore. Yet I understand it, because it is the EXACT SAME as when I left it four years ago. I am just left asking myself while I stare out at my pastures, “Why can’t people out there just be nicer to each other?”, while I know the very answer. They cannot, because they have not found their escape path yet.

TURN OFF THE NOTIFICATION (heck get a dumbphone!)
TURN OFF THE YOUTUBE (except for Unism, Chad the Chad Haag & Anabaptist Perspectives, they all cool; Goat-Man approves! Oh yea, and these folks seem pretty friggin cool and out there)
TURN OFF THE MEMES (as dope as some of them are).

For just one moment go outside and smell the roses and hug your children tight and start a friggin homestead will you?

You have been turned into just another CONSUMER of the daily Soap Opera.
What if instead you flipped the script?
What if instead you became a PRODUCER?
A homesteader? I don’t know if that’s for you, but just a producer of anything. Arts, Soap, a blog which no one reads, poems which only your children will cherish.

Even though it will be the hardest thing you ever do in your life, it is way easier than living in that foreign alienated world that surrounds you currently.

Just the thoughts of your local humble goat farmer. Oh yea, here is a picture of a Goat.

-Jesse Dustin of The Unists & &

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